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Company Values at UniNow

In its beginnings, every company should establish values that are to be embodied and define ideas of common togetherness. This article describes what UniNow stands for and what attitudes are represented in the office.


The UniNow app: developed by students for students. In this way, the corporate culture of UniNow GmbH is also lived and internalized.

The company headquarters in Magdeburg consists of an open-plan office and a bright attic apartment on the fifth floor of the residential building across the street. Thanks to the inviting terrace and the fully automatic coffee machine, everyone loves coming to the office every day. Just because of that? Of course not!

Everyday work at UniNow is organized just as innovatively and efficiently as the campus app of the same name. There are no hierarchies; instead, responsibilities are defined via a holocracy model. Employees identify their tasks via roles within which they can move freely and make decisions independently. In this way, everyone in the respective roles is given responsibility and trust, which promotes creativity and autonomy. For example, one role deals with existing university collaborations, while another has the app as its core task. Within these roles, there are then a variety of smaller circles that are worked on.

Complementing this basic company structure are five company values:

We are ...

... PASSIONATE about what we do: No matter in which role - UniNow employees are passionate about the task. They burn for the product, the function or the assignment and are more positive in their communication and more determined in their implementation.

→ The result: an optimistic, open-minded team that works together in the same direction and is equally motivated.

... SMART and never stop learning: "Most fear protects you from nothing - except your courage." (Max Richard Leßmann) For this reason, UniNow tests, optimizes, adapts and rethinks a lot. Where there are no solutions to problems, new paths are opened up and efficient alternatives are developed.

→ The result: an innovative product that evolves over time and is constantly adapted to growing demands.

... COMMITTED to our responsibilities: Due to the corporate structure just described, many team members have responsibilities. Pending tasks are automatically handled more conscientiously and what is said is given more weight.

→ The result: efficient work processes and reliable action lead to successful measures.


... FOCUSED and never give up: Company goals are clearly presented so that everyone understands what is important. The focus is on achieving the goals, and additional effort is never shied away from.

→ The result: concentrated and disciplined development of optimal solutions.

... RESPECTFUL and honest: Within the UniNow team, but also in contact with our partners, we communicate openly. Agreements and deadlines are kept and the company values are respected at all times.

→ The result: a team at eye level that learns from each other and develops together.

Does this sound like a working environment in which you would feel comfortable? Feel free to apply at any time.