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The digital student ID card offers university members a modern, secure and sustainable solution for identification.

Stundent ID Card
The digital student ID card in the UniNow app
Smartphone, Digital Student ID Card

All-In-One Solution

The digital student ID card can be accessed directly via the UniNow app and docks onto the campus management system. It displays data such as name, date of birth, matriculation number and validity. Optionally, a picture can also be inserted. In addition to the design of the ID card in the style of the college or university, there are other verification features such as a hologram and a background animation. The digital student ID card is modularly expandable, as the application areas listed below show.

Application areas
D-Ticket, Deutschlandticket, German Ticket, Semesterticket


Starting from the summer semester of 2024, students have the opportunity to utilize the discounted "Deutschlandticket" for only €29.40 per month as part of their semester ticket. However, the implementation proves to be somewhat challenging. Integrating these tickets with conventional chip cards is not feasible and would result in significant administrative effort and costs, making implementation by the start of the summer semester difficult. UniNow presents a convenient and swift solution: In collaboration with regional transportation companies, we enable the digital representation of the Germany ticket through our app. Using secure authentication methods, we ensure the identity of the students, thus ensuring a secure issuance of the Germany ticket.

Smartphone, UniNow, Semester ticket

Semester ticket

In cooperation with the transportation companies of the respective city, the digital student ID can serve as a digital semester ticket. Together with Magdeburger Verkehrsbetriebe (MVB) and Rhein-Main-Verkehrsverbund (RMV), we have already implemented the semester ticket for students at Magdeburg-Stendal University of Applied Sciences and Mainz University of Applied Sciences.

Smartphone, UniNow, Library card

Library card

The library function is already available as a module in the UniNow app. The function provides an overview of the borrowed books and the end of the loan period. Borrowed books can also be renewed directly. With the barcode, which can be linked to a library account, the digital student card can be used as a library card and for borrowing media.

Smartphone, UniNow, Payment card

Payment card

The canteen function in the UniNow app already allows students to call up the current menus and opening hours of the canteen. In the future, the digital student ID card can be used for cashless/contactless payment in the cafeteria. Two options are conceivable here: Mapping of a QR code: Cashier:in scans the QR code in the UniNow app from the smartphone display. NFC: For contactless payment via NFC, the student holds the smartphone to a pre-programmed NFC tag in the canteen. The current account balance can also be displayed.

Smartphone, UniNow, Sports ID

Sports ID

The digitization of sports passes reduces the administrative burden for all university members. Sports courses can be booked conveniently and easily via this module in the UniNow app. Students receive a listing of the sports courses they have booked. The digital student ID also serves as an access control for university sports.

Swimming pool

Leisure & Other

The digital student ID serves as proof of student status on site in order to receive discounts, e.g. at the swimming pool, cinema or similar. A connection to ISIC is also possible. In addition, the digital student ID card can be used to pay in the dormitory (washroom), for cashless payment when copying & printing at multifunction devices or for the locking function of the library lockers or similar.

Advantages of the digital student card

The digital student ID card makes the complicated simple. The advantages at a glance:


Accessible for all members of the university.

Standardized login

Authentication implemented using DFN AAI, SAML and Shibboleth.

Versatile applicable

The digital ID card is modularly expandable.


Costs for smart cards and validation devices are eliminated.

Data protection

ID card data is stored exclusively on the user's terminal device.

Conserving resources

Personnel costs, paper consumption and postage costs are reduced.


No paper ID card or plastic smart card. A small contribution to the protection of our environment.


Various verification features, such as a hologram and a background animation.

Digital becomes normal. Don't miss the boat!

We would be happy to discuss the implementation of the digital student ID card with you and create a suitable concept for you.

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