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Are you tired of constantly visiting different portals to get all the information about your studies? Do you regularly forget to pay your semester fee? Your university e-mails don't reach you? We are the solution to your problems!

your study guide
These functions make your everyday life at university easier


Hungry? In the app you can check the current cafeteria plan and invite friends for lunch.



Exam passed? In the app, all grades are displayed in a clear format and in statistics. Additionally, you have the option to manually add grades to calculate your grade point average.



Has the professor answered yet? You can check and send your university e-mails in the app. This guarantees that no mails go unread.



When is the next lecture? In the app you have all events and lectures at a glance and can add further dates such as sports courses and sessions yourself.



When do I have to return my books? You can view your borrowed books in the app and also renew them at the touch of a button. The app also informs you about the end of the loan period.



What's left to do? In the app, you can keep track of all the tasks you still have to do and check off completed activities.

Mini Games

Mini Games

Bored? In the app, you can pass the boredom with our mini-games ship sinking and basketball and bring your university forward in the highscores.

The easiest way to organize your studies!

The advantages summarized:


UniNow is and remains free of charge for you.

Time saving

You no longer have to call up all the portals individually and save time.


All portals are available for you in one app.


You will receive targeted info from your university.


We do not store any personal data on our servers.


In case of problems and questions, we will help you within the shortest possible time in our support chat.


Thanks to push notifications, you will be the first to know about news at the university.

Mobile companion

The app is always and everywhere available on your smartphone.

With us you are on the safe side!

We do not store your access data or other personal data, such as your exam results, on our servers. This data is only stored on your phone in encrypted form in the app.

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This is also true for us. We have a solution for (almost) all problems. If you run into any problems or need help setting things up, please send us a message using the in-app support feature so we can help you out.

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